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3-Aug-2014 Pangration Rd 1
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30-Dec-2008 Quick Fix Fitness now starting.
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30-May-2008 Pangration Uniforms
24-Mar-2008 OLYMPIC selection results


RD 1 Pangration /No-GI SUBMISSION
RD1 Pangration / NO Gi Submission event. this is a selection event for the next world championships. Welcome to the first combined pangration day 2014,its very important that all club coaches, trainers and all players know the rules and their weight divisions this is for the safety of all players and for the contest to run on time without delays.
Doors will open at 7am. Early start early finish. There will be 3 events (am pangration - & no-gi Submission and pending on numbers Full contact Agon Pangration (see attached for changes).

The contest is on August 3rd:
2/116 Montague st (please see attached map). Players from other federations / associations are welcome to compete on this day & must provide rego from club and other codes must complete the wavier. PO BOX 501 Wollongong 2520

Closing DATE Friday 25th July 2014 all entry and payment must be in by Friday 25th. payment made out to wollongongjudo club po box 501 wollongong 2520

Shops/ food: There are plenty of shops and parking we will have sausages sandwichs for $2.50 and drinks for $1.

Entry cost: All players are to pay $20 first event or $30 two events or $35 for 3 events event, Club coaches are responsible for sending payment and entry forms. Coaches are required to write down the extra division a player is entering in and the fee.

Spectators entry fee $2 Kids under 5 free.
NO club entry form will be accepted without payments. NO players will be allowed to enter on the day.NO refund is given if you do not show up or withdraw.

Contest rules
The contest will be run under the APAF - APFA rules and guidelines for a contest,with the exception of no head strike (agon pangration). All players MUST be financially paid,registered with their federation or association no walk in off the streets will be accepted. players you will be required to present your registration book/card)or some sort of affiliation.

Coaches / trainers / Players NOTE: if there are only 2 player in one division you will be moved up to next division so you have more than 1 match, you didnt travel all the way here for 1 match, pooled system of 6 will be used if there is more than 6 players in one pool a knock out system will be applied and players will be placed in repa-charge draw allowing 2nd chance. this is why pr-entry is required and official times enforced

ALL weigh in times: trial 7am-7.30am Official 7.30-8am.
Contest start: 9am

Weights / Divisions: If there is only 2 players in a division you will be placed in the next division.weights will be matched up to each other as close as possible. If we have to combine divisions we will to fill draws.

AGE: 14 - 15 years: u45kg, 45 to 50kg 51 to 55kg 56 to 60kg 61 to 66kg 67 to 72kg over 72kg
AGE: 16 - 17 years. U55kg, 56 to 60kg 61 to 65kg 66 to 70kg. 71 to 75kg 76 to 80kg over 80kg
AGE: 18 Years and over: U60kg, 60 to 66kg 67 to 71kg 72 to 78kg 79 to 85kg 86 to 95kg 96 to 105kg over 105kg

Female AGE Divisions
AGE: 14 - 15 years. u 42kg 42 to 47kg 48 to 52kg 53 to 57kg 58 to 63kg 64 to 69kg over 69kg
AGE: 16 - 17 years U 48kg 48 to 53kg 54 to 58kg 59 to 63kg 64 to 68kg 69to 73kg over 73kg
AGE: 18 Years and over. U 49kg 49 to 54kg 55 to 59kg 60 to 64kg 65 to 70kg 71 to 76kg 77 to 83kg 84 to 90kg over 90k

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