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30-Nov-2014 Rd 8 south coast grappling
12-May-2009 Australias only Grapplers dream event
30-Dec-2008 Quick Fix Fitness now starting.
30-Dec-2008 UFC and bullshit forums stories
30-May-2008 Pangration Uniforms
24-Mar-2008 OLYMPIC selection results


Micks shopping
Please feel free to go through the pdf files with all the items we will have for sale. Please send us an email of the item number you require and we will be able to advise you if its in stock or no longer available. This is only a temporary system until we have uploaded all our shop items

1 view the pages and find the item you would like to buy,each item has a number and or size please use these code when ordering and completing the order form. No order will be granted unless completed on the order form in clear writing.
2.Print out the order form and fax (02)42712660 or email form to the office
3. After confirmation if stock is available then you can either send a cheque or deposit payment via net banking:
PLEASE NOTE: system has been temporary closed,due to price increase to all items,starting on the 18th January 2009

All orders must be prepaid with bank cheque or money order. Personal cheques will have to be cleared through the bank first, taking between 5-14 working days.Or Net banking:
Wollongong judo BSB 062624 Acc:10293678

Judo and Jujutsu items
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